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Submersible 1.5kW Solar Micro Inverter
  • Submersible 1.5kW Solar Micro Inverter

Submersible 1.5kW Solar Micro Inverter

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Product Specifications
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Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Input Voltage:
3 phase AC 380V~480V
Output Voltage:
0 to rated input voltage
AC/AC, or DC/AC inverters
Output Type:
Output Current:
Output Frequency:
IGBT and DSP brand:
Infineon and TI's latest DSP
Adjusting speed range:
1:100 (V/F control); 1:200 (SVC1, SVC2); 1:1000 (Vector control)
Control technique:
V/F, SVC1, SVC2, frequency inverter
Starting torque:
0.5HZ:180% (SVC1); 0.25HZ:180%;(SVC2); 0HZ:200%( Vector control);
Overload capacity:
1 minute for 150% ; 10s for 180%; 0.5s for 200%
Speed control accuracy:
±0.5% (SVC1); ±0.2%;(SVC2); ±0.02% (Vector control)
Applicable motors:
Asynchronous motor and synchronous motor
Output terminals:
DO-2(HDO-1), RO-2, AO-2
Input terminals:
DI-7(HDI-1), AI-3 0~10V, or 0-20mA
Frequency command source:
Keypad, terminals, communication
Supply Ability
Supply Ability:
10000 Piece/Pieces per Month Large stocks available
Packaging & Delivery

Dedicated Solar Pump Drives SLR01 Series

Brand: GTAKE
Certificate: CE, RoHS


VFDs ModelPower RatingInput VoltageOutput FREQType
SLR01 series0.4-75kW 150V~800V DC0.00-600.00HzDC/AC to AC inverters


 Thanks to sophisticated engineers, scientific producing workmanship, rigorous quality control systems and management team, GTAKE frequency inverters are equipped with advanced features, some of which are listed as below:


Robust MPPT & Precise MPPT.


To meet the needs of different user groups, SLR01 are classified by three user modes: plug and play mode, senior mode, and expert mode.


Plug and play mode: Only requests correct wiring, motor parameter setting and sleep frequency setting.


Senor mode: Precise MPPT function, dry run protection, pump cleaning function, reduce pump clogging at dusk/rainy days. 


Expert mode: Water level control, pipe system overpressure protection, flow calculation, multi-step water supply, pressure limit under solar power supply, constant speed mode under AC power supply.


Support both DC solar input and AC power input simutaneously.


Simplified commissioning;


Diverse input and output terminals;


Ambient temperature: -10°C~50°C;


Online and offline auto-tuning both available; 




Mains Supply (R/L1,S/L2,T/L3)
Supply voltage

150-400VDC / 200-240VAC single phase;

250-800VDC / 380-480VAC triphase

Power source frequencyAC: 50/60 Hz ± 5%
Displacement power factor (cos φ)(> 0.98)



Output Data (U, V, W)
Output voltage / frequency0-100% of supply voltage / 0.00-600.00 Hz or customized
Ramp time0.01-60000 S



Digital Input
Programmable digital inputs6
LogicNPN or PNP
Voltage level24V DC, 5mA
Pulse input1 (X6/DI)


Analog Input
Analog inputs2
ModesVoltage or current
Level0 to +10V, -10V to +10V , 0/4 to 20 mA (scalable)
Automatic correctionYES


Digital Output
Programmable digital outputs2
Voltage level at digital output0 - 24 V
Programmable pulse outputs 1
Pulse output max. output frequency50.0 kHz


Analog Output
Programmable analog outputs
Voltage range / current range0 - 10 V / 0 - 20 mA


Relay Output
Programmable relay outputs1
RA - RB / TA - TBNormally close
RA - RC / TA - TCNormally open
Contact capacitance250 V AC / 3A, 30 V DC / 3 A


Terminal 485 Interface
485+ / 485-Rate: 4800/9600/19200/38400/57600/115200 bps Max. distance: 500 m
GNDIsolated from COM


VibrationLess than 5.9 m/s² (0.6g)
HumidityRelative humidity 5% - 95 %. No condensation
Corrosive environment3C3
Ambient temperature-10 ºC - 50 ºC
Altitude0 - 2,000 m
Rated output current  derated 1% every 100 m above 1,000 m
Storage temperature-40 - +70 ºC
EfficiencyEfficiency At rated amps:
7.5kW and below: ≥93%
11 - 45 Kw: ≥95 %
55kW and above: ≥98 %
IP gradeIP20
Cooling methodForced air cooling


Fieldbus Communication
Modbus RTU, Modebus ASCIIBuilt-in
Profibus DP, CAN, CANopen, etc.Optional




SLR01/02, solar water pump drives, support either PV panel DC input or grid AC input. These inverters can quickly capture and track the maximum power point according to the radiation intensity, and always maintain the maximum output power of the system in speed non-limited mode. Users are using these inverters in the regions which do not have wide coverage of grid electricity or where the availability of electricity is uncertain. Also, many people opt to use solar pump drives for the purpose of environmental protection, or to reduce the cost of operation such as replacing traditional diesel generators used for pumping water. 

 Submersible 1.5kW Solar Micro Inverter from China supplier


Submersible 1.5kW Solar Micro Inverter from China supplier Submersible 1.5kW Solar Micro Inverter from China supplier Submersible 1.5kW Solar Micro Inverter from China supplier Submersible 1.5kW Solar Micro Inverter from China supplier
Water treatment Farm irrigation Farming pool water supply More


Submersible 1.5kW Solar Micro Inverter from China supplier Submersible 1.5kW Solar Micro Inverter from China supplier Submersible 1.5kW Solar Micro Inverter from China supplier


SLR01 cases in Morocco


The whole system includes 45 pieces of 300W PV panels, one 7.5kW motor and one SLR01-4T7.5B-G4 PV drive. Cloudy days can be detected automatically to prevent frequent start. In this way, the motor working life can be extended to the maximum extent. Besides, AC grid supply is also available when the sunlight is weak. In this mode, the function of constant pressure mode is available when X3 terminal is active. 

GTAKE has mastered more precise MPPT algorithm compared with many other brands. GTAKE PV drives for water pump are warmly welcomed and highly appraised by customers worldwide.






In production, rigorous quality control is implemented on components, circuit boards, and the finished goods, assuring products without defects.


 Submersible 1.5kW Solar Micro Inverter from China supplier




GTAKE VS Other brands



PerformanceCommon brandsGTAKE
Applicable motorsAsynchronous motorsAsynchronous /synchronous motors (SLR02)
Acceleration time to MPPT

20 s

3 s
Robust MPPT 
Precise MPP×
Ambient temperature (no derating required)-10-40ºC-10-50ºC (for most of the models)
AC constant speed mode×
AC constant pressure mode×
Pump auto-cleaning function×
Pipe system overpressure protection×
Pump clogging protection function Extend delay timeExtend delay time / real-time monitoring
Dry run protectionBased on the current only Based on various factors of the pump
Customized features (software and/or hardware)Unprocurable or no experienceProcurable with rich experience



Packaging and logistics


All drives are well packed before shipment, fit for air shipment, sea transportation, and express delivery. Customers are able to call its own nominated forwarder or consult GTAKE logistics department for worldwide shipment services.

*  Low-power inverters are packed in cardboard box , and others are in plywood cases.

*  Plenty of transportation procurable globally in accordance with customer demand or GTAKE expertise.

Submersible 1.5kW Solar Micro Inverter from China supplierSubmersible 1.5kW Solar Micro Inverter from China supplier

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