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32E20 LED TV Cabinet and Backlight CKD Parts
  • 32E20 LED TV Cabinet and Backlight CKD Parts
  • 32E20 LED TV Cabinet and Backlight CKD Parts
  • 32E20 LED TV Cabinet and Backlight CKD Parts
  • 32E20 LED TV Cabinet and Backlight CKD Parts
  • 32E20 LED TV Cabinet and Backlight CKD Parts

32E20 LED TV Cabinet and Backlight CKD Parts

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Minimum order quantity
Wan Hong Sheng Plastic Mold Co., Ltd
Wan Hong Sheng Plastic Mold Co., Ltd
China - Shenzhen
Manufacturing and trade
Trade Capacity
Export Percentage
Nearest Port
Accepted Delivery Terms
301-500 people
Accepted Payment Currency
Average Lead Time
14 Day(s)
Product Specifications
Display Format
720P (HD)
Screen Size
< 10
Cabinet Color
Wide Screen Support
Brand Name
No brand
Model Number
Backlight Type
Product Description

Product advantage

1. E20 use OD20 technique, it has a ultra-thin and beautiful appearance.Same as E9 production from mature technique, effectually materials cost saving system,E20 production will save the cost too .

2. E20 series production has 32'' 38.5'' 43'' 50'' 55'' 65'' 75'' different sizes. It is a compatible products , can match most all different mainboard and opencecll .

3. They can be printed into different color , can match metal ,high-end appearance too .

4. E20 products have such a rich product system, you can choose suitable project by your requirement.

5. Except beautiful out look , E20 has the very good quality in brightness,uniformity , it can give users a good visual experience .

6. It uses LED lamp as the backlight source,so the normal working time last 30000 hours .

7. E20 production is our company flagship produce,and the most popular production in the market now, they are sold well in China market and other countries market .

32E20 LED TV Cabinet and Backlight CKD Parts from China supplier

Supply Ability
5000 Piece(s) Per Day
Packaging and Shipping
Lead time
15 Day
any ports of Shenzhen
Packaging details
standard export packing
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