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Amorphous Alloy Dry Type Transformer
  • Amorphous Alloy Dry Type Transformer

Amorphous Alloy Dry Type Transformer

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Jiangsu Ryan Electrical Stock Co.,Ltd.
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Product Description

Amorphous Alloy Epoxy Resin Casting Dry-Type Distribution Transformer (11kV Class with capacity from 250 to 2500kVA) with the latest technology and special materials, this type of dry transformer is developed and designed with the purpose to save power energy. It features low loss, low noise and high energy efficiency.

Special Features:
Amorphous alloy is a new type of material with high magnetic conductivity and energy-saving performance. With the rapid quenching solidification production process, the metal atoms are disordered and arranged in non-crystal way. It is different from the crystal structure of tradition silicon steel and is much easier to be magnetized and demagnetized. Typical amorphous alloy steel sheet contains 80% iron, while the other ingredients are boron and silicon. The thickness of amorphous alloy steel sheet is very small, only 20 to 30um, less than 1/10 thickness of traditional silicon steel sheet. The characteristics of amorphous alloy core are as follows: high saturation magnetic induction intensity, low-loss (20% ~ 30% of traditional silicon steel sheet), low coercive force, and low excitation current and high thermal-stability.

On the basis of amorphous alloy's special characteristics, Ryan designs the new type of dry-type transformer with three-phase five-limb wound core structure and fastened with thin boards and frames. The HV winding adopts sectional multi-layer cylindrical winding structure and LV winding adopts foil winding structure. The product features energy-conservation, low loss, great anti-short circuit capability, low partial discharge and low noise. Ryan has successfully developed the largest power amorphous alloy dry-type transformer (SCBH15-2000/10), which has passed all routine tests, type tests and special tests at one time by China National Transformer Quality Supervision Testing Center.

Other Advantages
The SCBH15 series amorphous alloy dry type transformer is a new type energy-saving product. It has not only inherited the advantages of traditional epoxy resin casting dry-type transformer, it also has the following additional advantages.
1, Self-extinguishing and inflaming retarding, fire-proof and explosion-proof, pollution-free and no toxic gas being generated.
2, Excellent damp-proof performance, capable of working under 100% relative humidity and other harsh conditions, with no damp-removing measures needed.
3, Thin resin structure realizes chap-free surface and excellent heat-dispersion performance.
4, Great overload capability, capable of operating continuously under 110% overload conditions and in case of air forced cooling, operating continuously under150% overload conditions.
5, Nice appearance, small-size, less installation space occupation and low engineering cost.
6, Each performance index and technical specification excels those specified in China GB, international IEC or industrial standards.

Core Lamination
Through the "three-phase five-limb" structure, frame structure and the rational design, the core is protected to prevent the core from being affected by externally applied forces and thus to ensure its no-load performance. During core mold designing, computer simulation analysis is carried out for precisely calculating the vibration frequency and scale, thus to avoid cavity resonance produced by core structure during operation. During production, special vibration-reducing and noise-decreasing materials are used. All these measures are for reducing the transformer’s noise during operation.

HV winding
HV winding is manufactured with high quality copper wire, reinforced with glass fiber and being casted with epoxy resin at vacuum state with pressure, having the resin fully impregnated into the coils in the most professional imported equipment. Therefore, product’s partial discharge is especially low, for example, transformer of 10kV-level has only a partial discharge less than 5 pC. During the HV winding design, rational structure is adopted to improve the electric distribution. With the lighting impulse wave simulation calculation and analysis being carried out through special auxiliary computer software, product’s anti-lightning impulse capacity is greatly improved.

LV winding
LV winding (with the rated power equal to or higher than 200kVA) is manufactured with high quality foil conductor, resulting in excellent ampere-turn balance, low transverse magnetic flux leakage and higher anti-short circuit capability. By designing reasonable air conduit in the windings to increase the heat-dispersion surface, transformer’s temperature rise is effectively controlled and the overload capacity is greatly improved.

Designed as per Standards
GB/T 22072, GB1094.11, IEC60076-11

Amorphous Alloy Dry Type Transformer from China supplier
Amorphous Alloy Dry Type Transformer from China supplier

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