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BG-150 Coating Machine Food Beverage Factory Pharmaceutical Pharmaceutical Pill.tablet tablet coating machine
  • BG-150 Coating Machine Food Beverage Factory Pharmaceutical Pharmaceutical Pill.tablet tablet coating machine

BG-150 Coating Machine Food Beverage Factory Pharmaceutical Pharmaceutical Pill.tablet tablet coating machine

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Meo Textile Clothing Co.LTD
Meo Textile Clothing Co.LTD
China - Hangzhou
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101-200 people
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Zhejiang, China
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Ordinary Product
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1 Year
Core Components:
Gearbox, Motor, Gear
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Weight (KG):
Coating Type:
Heating & Coating
Coating Temperature (℃):
25 - 70 ℃
Coating Drum Diameter (mm):
1200 mm
1 Year
Key Selling Points:
Easy to Operate
Power (kW):
Applicable Industries:
Food Beverage Factory, Pharmaceutical
Showroom Location:
Viet Nam, Indonesia
Coating Machine
Load capacity:
150 kg/t
Diameter of coating drum:
1200 mm
Diameter of feeder:
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Free spare parts
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Video technical support
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Video technical support
After Warranty Service1:
Online support
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Viet Nam
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Used for coating various tablets, pills and bubble candies as well as chewing gum with organic film, water-soluble film and sugar film, etc. And it has such characteristics as high efficiency, low energy consumption and small floor area, etc. And it can be widely used for coating various tablets, pills and sweets with organic film, water-soluble film and sugar film etc in such fields as of pharmaceutical, food and biological line.

Basic Working Principle: The tablets make complicated and constant track movement with easy and smooth turning and frequent exchanging in the clean and closed rotational cylinder of the film coating machine. And it can automatically spray coating medium according to the process flow and reasonable process parameters. The hot air exhausted through the bottom of the tablets under the effect of air exhaust and negative pressure so as to make coating medium dry quickly on the surfaces of the tablets and form a firm, fine and close and smooth surface film.                     

Main Machine

During run of film coating in the main machine, it shows such features as free dust fly-off, syrup splash, operation condition improvement, little cross contamination to tablets, simple coating process, shortening coating time as well as high production efficiency etc.

Adopts a new-type micro-computer PLC, by which temperature and negative pressure control system are displayed on the touch screen, with such characteristics as programmability, automatic adjustment of negative pressure and air flow, automation of process parameters, making accurate production of various batches of products with the same technical parameter. It make lead at home in data storage and printing system, by which process parameter and process flow of each batch of production can be accurately recorded with a printer as requested from users. The explosion-proof motor drives the drum to rotate in the clockwise direction through the cycloidal pinwheel, It's attached with a cleaning system and equipped with outlet adjustment apparatus, with which a few medicines can be coated.


Hot air cabinet

At first, air inhaled in through the centrifugal fan should be purified up to the 100,000 Level after three times filtration, involving primary filtration, medium filtration and high filtration, then be blown to the drum of main machine through the (steam or electro-thermal) heat exchanger. Equipped with a vibration damper, it is in normal run with noise lower than 70 dB.


Air Exhaust Cabinet

Used for pumping air out of drum (including dust absorption), keeping the working area under negative pressure, dust abatement and filtration. Equipped with a vibration damper, it is in normal run with noise lower than 70 dB.


Air Spraying System

High-pressure uniform vaporized liquid can be sprayed through the crawler pump and the air spray gun imported from Japan.


Thermostatic mixing drum

The mediums can be electrically heated and stirred into a uniform liquid at a preset temperature


Performance and Characteristics

1. With PLC module, all operations such as hot air temperature setting and control, revolutions of the drum adjustment, automatic control and display of negative pressure etc can be in run by pushing the touch key on the computer-controlled panel fully sealed with slight touch film interface.

2. The machine is free to clean, with such characteristics as reliable and stable performance. The streamline guiding-type mixer drives tablets to make easy and smooth rotation without fragment and chipped edge, which improves the yield. The guiding sheet has a narrow surface, to which no dressing can be stuck, economization on dressing and improving the quality of finished products.
3. The constant-pressure variable crawler pump features the revolution radius of the roller subject to pressure, automatic control of output syrup amounts and sprayed syrup amounts, stabilization of atomization, simplify of spraying system, economization on dressing, easy to fully clean.
4. The specially designed imported pray gun features ease in operation and control technological requirements, uniform density and particle size, uniform atomization and large spray area, practical to adjust flow, free leakage and blockage, angle and sector. The gun can be in operation until its head keeps in the range of 0.29Mpa to 0.39Mpa. Until now, it has been favorably reviewed from users at home and abroad.


Technical Parameters



Load capacity

150 kg/t

Diameter of coating drum

Φ1200 mm

Diameter of feeder


Rotary speed of drum (R/min)

1-16 r.p.m

Power of Main machine

2.2 kw

Power of air exhaust cabinet motor

5.5 kw

Flux of air exhaust

7419 m3/h

Power of hot air cabinet motor

1.5 kw

Flux of hot air

2356 m3/h

Hot air adjustment scope


Level of hot air purified

100,000 class

Power of peristaltic pump motor


Wall thickness of silicone tube


Volume of main machine (L×W×H)


Weight of main machine


Overall dimension of hot air cabinet


Weight of hot air cabinet


Overall dimension of air exhaust cabinet


Weight of air exhaust cabinet


     External condition

Purified air



Air consumption


Water sources



Tube radii

1 1/2″

Steam heating up style




Gas consumption


Power sources

Three-phase five-line 10kw

Electricity heating

 up style

Power sources

Three-phase five-line 38kw








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