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BLDC motor 3KW 72VDC 3000r/min 46A 9.5N.m Y2 National Standard Industrial Permanent Magnet Brushless DC Motor Aluminum shell
  • BLDC motor 3KW 72VDC 3000r/min 46A 9.5N.m Y2 National Standard Industrial Permanent Magnet Brushless DC Motor Aluminum shell

BLDC motor 3KW 72VDC 3000r/min 46A 9.5N.m Y2 National Standard Industrial Permanent Magnet Brushless DC Motor Aluminum shell

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Meo Textile Clothing Co.LTD
Meo Textile Clothing Co.LTD
China - Hangzhou
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101-200 people
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3months-1year, 1year
Place of Origin:
Jiangsu, China, Jiangsu, China
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BOAT, Car, Electric Bicycle, FAN, Home Appliance, Cosmetic instrument, SMART HOME
Brushless Motor
9.5 N.m
Permanent Magnet
Protect Feature:
Continuous Current(A):
IE 1
Current / Phase:
ce, RoHS,
Frame Size:
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Cable type
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At present, our company's main products include 0.1-150KW DC permanent magnet brushless/synchronous motors and their supporting speed-regulating drive controllers, DC-DC converters, lithium batteries, smart chargers, etc. The company's products have superior performance and high reliability, and are widely used in electric vehicles and ships, DC hydraulic pumping stations, photovoltaics, DC pumps, handling machinery and equipment, industrial traction control, and direct replacement of AC asynchronous motors, etc.
Power range KW voltage range VDC range of rotation RPM Installation method advantage  
0.1-150 12-640 500-4500 B3/B5/B35/B34 High efficiency, energy saving, light weight, national standard size
Motor model  Rated power  Rated voltage  Rated speed  Rated current  Rated torque
OKD71-12V0.25-1200 250W 12VDC 1500r/min 23A 1.6N.m
OKD71-24V0.25-1500 250W 24VDC 1500r/min 11A 1.6N.m
OKD71-24V0.5-3000 500W 24VDC 3000r/min 22A 1.6N.m
OKD71-48V0.5-1500 350W 48VDC 1500r/min 8A 2.3N.m
OKD71-48V0.5-3000 500W 48VDC 3000r/min 11A 1.6N.m
OKD71-48V0.75-3000 750W 24/48VDC 3000r/min 18A 2.5 N.m
OKD71-310V0.5-1500 500W 220/310VDC 1500r/min 2A 3.2N.m
OKD71-310V1.0-3000 1KW 220/310VDC 3000r/min 3.5A 3.2 N.m
Motor model  Rated power  Rated voltage  Rated speed  Rated current  Rated torque
OKD80-12V0.5-1200 0.5KW 12VDC 1500r/min 43A 3.2 N.m
OKD80-24V0.6-1500 0.6KW 24VDC 1500r/min 28A 3.8 N.m
OKD80B3-48V0.75-1500 0.75KW 48VDC 1500r/min 17A 5N.m
OKD80-24V1.0-1200 1.0KW 24VDC 1200r/min 46A 8 N.m
OKD80-24V1.2-1500 1.2KW 24VDC 1500r/min 55A 7.6 N.m
OKD80-24V1.2-3000 1.2KW 24VDC 3000r/min 55A 3.8N.m
OKD80-24V2.0-3000 2.0KW 24VDC 3000r/min 92A 6.3 N.m
OKD80-36V1.2-1500 1.2KW 36VDC 1500r/min 37A 7.6N.m
OKD80-36V2.2-3000 2.2KW 36VDC 3000r/min 67A 7 N.m
OKD80-48V1.2-1500 1.2KW 48VDC 1500r/min 27.5A 7.6N.m
OKD80-48V2.2-3000 2.2KW 48VDC 3000r/min 50A 7 N.m
OKD80-310V1.1-1500 1.1KW 220/310VDC 1500r/min 3.6A 7 N.m
OKD80-310V2.2-3000 2.2KW 220/310VDC 3000r/min 7.5A 7 N.m
Motor model  Rated power  Rated voltage  Rated speed  Rated current  Rated torque
OKD90-24V1.5-1500 1.5KW 24VDC 1500r/min 68A 9.5 N.m
OKD90-24V1.8-1500 1.8KW 24VDC 1500r/min 82.5A 11.4 N.m
OKD90-24V2.2-3000 2.2KW 24VDC 3000r/min 92A 7 N.m
OKD90-36V1.5-1500 1.5KW 36VDC 1500r/min 46A 9.5 N.m
OKD90-36V1.8-1500 1.8KW 36VDC 1500r/min 55A 11.4 N.m
OKD90-48V1.5-1500 1.5KW 48VDC 1500r/min 34A 9.5N.m
OKD90-60V1.5-1500 1.5KW 60VDC 1500r/min 27.5A 9.5N.m
OKD90-48V1.8-1500 1.8KW 48VDC 2100r/min 41A 8N.m
OKD90-48V2.2-3000 2.2KW 48VDC 3000r/min 50A 7 N.m
OKD90-72V1.5-1500 1.5KW 72VDC 1500r/min 23A 9.5N.m
OKD90-72V2.2-3000 2.2KW 72VDC 3000r/min 33.6A 7N.m
OKD90-60V3.0-3000 3KW 60VDC 3000r/min 55A 9.5 N.m
OKD90-72V3.0-3000 3KW 72VDC 3000r/min 46A 9.5N.m
OKD90-144V2.5-3000 2.5KW 144VDC 3000r/min 18A 8N.m
OKD90-310V1.5-1500 1.5KW 220/310VDC 1500r/min 5A 9.5N.m
OKD90-310V3.0-3000 3KW 220/310VDC 3000r/min 10A 9.5N.m
Motor model  Rated power  Rated voltage  Rated speed  Rated current  Rated torque
OKD100-24V1.8-1500 1.8KW DC24V 1500r/min 78A 11 N.m
OKD100-24V2.0-1500 2.0KW DC24V 1500r/min 85A 12.5 N.m
OKD100-24V2.5-1500 2.5KW DC24V 1500r/min 105A 15 N.m
OKD100-36V2.2-1200 2.2KW DC36V 1200r/min 67A 16.5 N.m
OKD100-48V2.2-1200 2.2KW DC48V 1200r/min 50A 16.5 N.m
OKD100-48V3.0-1200 3.0KW DC48V 1200r/min 69A 22.5 N.m
OKD100-24V2.2-1500 2.2KW DC24V 1500r/min 100A 13 N.m
OKD100-36V2.2-1500 2.2KW DC36V 1500r/min 67A 13 N.m
OKD100-48V2.2-1500 2.2KW DC48V 1500r/min 50A 13.5N.m
OKD100-48V3.0-1500 3.0KW DC48V 1500r/min 69A 18 N.m
OKD100-60V3.0-1500 3.0KW DC60V 1500r/min 55A 18 N.m
OKD100-48V3.5-1800 3.5KW DC48V 1800r/min 80A 17.5 N.m
OKD100-48V3.0-2100 3.0KW DC48V 2100r/min 69A 12.9 N.m
OKD100-48V4.0-3000 4.0KW DC48V 3000r/min 85A 12.9 N.m
OKD100-48V5.0-3000 5.0KW DC48V 3000r/min 108A 14.9 N.m
OKD100-60V5.0-3000 5.0KW DC60V 3000r/min 92A 14.9 N.m
OKD100-72V5.0-3000 5.0KW DC72V 3000r/min 76A 14.9 N.m
OKD100-60V6.3-3000 5.5KW DC60V 3000r/min 95A 18.9 N.m
OKD100-72V6.3-3000 5.5KW DC72V 3000r/min 80A 18.9 N.m
OKD100-310V3.0-1500 3.0KW 220/310VDC 1500r/min 10A 18 N.m
OKD100-310V3.0-1500 5.5KW 220/310VDC 3000r/min 20A 18 N.m
Motor model  Rated power  Rated voltage  Rated speed  Rated current  Rated torque
OKD112-24V2.0-1200 2.0KW DC24V 1500r/min 85A 23.9 N.m
OKD112-48V3.0-1200 3.0KW DC48V 1200r/min 69A 22.5 N.m
OKD112-48V3.5-1500 3.5KW DC48V 1500r/min 80A 20.9 N.m
OKD112-48V4.0-1500 4.0KW DC48V 1500r/min 91A 23.9 N.m
OKD112-48V5.5-1500 5.5KW DC48V 1500r/min 118A 32.9 N.m
OKD112-48V6.3-1500 6.3KW DC48V 1500r/min 135A 37.8 N.m
OKD112-48V5.5-2100 5.5KW DC48V 2100r/min 126A 23.6 N.m
OKD112-48V9-1500 7.5KW DC48V 3000r/min 160A 24 N.m
OKD112-110V4.0-1500 4.0KW DC110V 1500r/min 40A 23.9 N.m
OKD112-110V5.5-1500 5.5KW DC110V 1500r/min 55A 32.9 N.m
OKD112-60V7.5-2100 7.5KW DC60V 2100r/min 135A 32.1N.m
OKD112-72V5.5-1500 5.5KW DC72V 1500r/min 78A 33.8 N.m
OKD112-72V6.3-1500 6.3KW DC72V 1500r/min 90A 39N.m
OKD112-72V7.5-2100 7.5KW DC72V 2100r/min 115A 32.1N.m
OKD112-72V7.5-3000 7.5KW DC72V 3000r/min 105A 24N.m
OKD112-72V7.5-3000 10KW DC72V 3000r/min 140A 32N.m
OKD112-72V7.5-3200 7.5KW DC72V 3200r/min 115A 22 N.m
OKD112-96V12-3200 12KW DC96V 3200r/min 138A 35 N.m
OKD112-110V12-3200 5.5KW DC110V 1500r/min 52A 35 N.m
OKD112-110V12-3200 12KW DC110V 3200r/min 118A 35 N.m
OKD112-120V12-3200 5.5KW DC120V 1500r/min 48 35 N.m
OKD112-144V10-3000 10KW DC144V 3000r/min 72A 30 N.m
OKD112-310V5.5-1500 5.5KW 220/310VDC 1500r/min 19A 35 N.m
OKD112-310V11-3000 11KW 320VDC 3000r/min 38A 35 N.m
OKD112-540V11-3000 11KW 380/540V 3000r/min 21A 35 N.m
Motor model  Rated power  Rated voltage  Rated speed  Rated current  Rated torque
OKD132-24V3.0-1500 3.0KW DC24V 1500r/min 130A 19 N.m
OKD132-48V3.0-1500 3.0KW DC48V 1500r/min 65A 19 N.m
OKD132-48V5.5-1500 5.5KW DC48V 1500r/min 150A 35N.m
OKD132-48V7.5-1500 7.5KW DC48V 1500r/min 160A 48 N.m
OKD132-48V10-1500 10KW DC48V 1500r/min 210A 60N.m
OKD132-48V10-2800 15KW DC48V 2800r/min 320A 50N.m
OKD132-60V7.5-1500 7.5KW DC60V 1500r/min 130A 48 N.m
OKD132-60V10-1500 10KW DC60V 1500r/min 170A 65 N.m
OKD132-60V10-1500 15KW DC60V 3000r/min 255A 48N.m
OKD132-72V5.5-1500 5.5KW DC72V 1500r/min 80A 35N.m
OKD132-72V7.5-1500 7.5KW DC72V 1500r/min 108A 48N.m
OKD132-72V10-1500 10KW DC72V 1500r/min 108A 65N.m
OKD132-72V15-1500 15KW DC72V 1500r/min 108A 98N.m
OKD132-72V15-3000 15KW DC72V 3000r/min 212A 48N.m
OKD132-96V7.5-1500 7.5KW DC96V 1500r/min 80A 48N.m
OKD132-96V10-1500 10KW DC96V 1500r/min 108A 65N.m
OKD132-96V15-1500 15KW DC96V 1500r/min 160A 98N.m
OKD132-96V15-3000 15KW DC96V 3000r/min 160A 48N.m
OKD132-120V7.5-1500 7.5KW DC120V 1500r/min 65A 48N.m
OKD132-120V10-1500 10KW DC120V 1500r/min 85A 65N.m
OKD132-120V15-1500 15KW DC120V 1500r/min 130A 98N.m
OKD132-120V15-3000 15KW DC120V 3000r/min 130A 50N.m
OKD132-120V20-3000 20KW DC120V 3000r/min 170A 65N.m
OKD132-120V30-3000 30KW DC120V 3000r/min 255A 98N.m
OKD132-310V15-1500 15KW DC320V 1500r/min 50A 98N.m
OKD132-310V15-3000 15KW DC320V 3000r/min 50A 50N.m
OKD132-310V30-3000 30KW DC320V 3200r/min 100A 91N.m
OKD132-540V15-1500 15KW 380/540V 1500r/min 300A 98N.m
OKD132-540V15-3000 15KW 380/540V 3000r/min 30A 50N.m
OKD132-540V30-3000 30KW 380/540V 3200r/min 58A 91N.m
It can provide the service of installing cycloid reducer, gear reducer, right-angle reducer, hollow reducer, planetary speed reducer; provide the service of installing centrifugal pump, plunger pump, diaphragm pump, fire pump, chemical pump, oil pump; external supply Shaft processing and end cover processing.
Some other bases
Motor model  Rated power  Rated voltage  Rated speed  Rated current  Rated torque
OKD160-540V20-1500 20KW DC540V/380 1500r/min 40A 130N.m
OKD180-48V3.0-1500 30KW DC540V/380 1500r/min 58A 198 N.m
OKD250-48V5.5-1500 45KW DC540V/380 1500r/min 85A 296N.m
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