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Ceramic Bearing
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Ceramic Bearing

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guangzhou kailing bearing co.,ltd
guangzhou kailing bearing co.,ltd
China - Guangzhou
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Established in 2006, the UKS pioneering and professionalism commitment to the bearing and transmission component markets. Through over 10 years of exploration in those markets, UKS has built a high level of technical competence.

Nowadays, UKS has gained extensive customer recognition in the bearing and transmission market with its professional services. It has developed customers in 30 countries and regions. In particular, it has nurtured good reputation in South-east Asia,Middle East,South America, Africa, etc.

UKS owns not only an outstanding technical service delivery team within China, but also powerful supply chain and integration capacity as well as wide product range that contributes to the one-stop, customized solution for customers.

UKS aims to provide you with tailor-made products of good quality and high cost-performance ratios. By now, our customers can buy the bearings,auto parts,truck and trailer parts from UKS, majority of which are industry bearings, automotive bearings, belts, PTO-shaft and auto parts so on. These products can be produced according to the specific requirements of customers. Besides, all of our products have passed through the authentication of ISO9001 and TS16949.

UKS sticks to the customer-centric management principle and values customer satisfaction most. UKS will continue to strive for excellence in expanding the market of Truck and Trailer Parts so as to deliver UKS’s outstanding products and services to customers in different parts of the world in a faster and convenient way!

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