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Coil for cartridge valve BYC1-16-01D
  • Coil for cartridge valve BYC1-16-01D

Coil for cartridge valve BYC1-16-01D

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Ningbo Boye Hydraulic Technolog Co.,Ltd
Ningbo Boye Hydraulic Technolog Co.,Ltd
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一、产品详情/Product details

· 搏业液压,BYC 插装阀用线圈,属于电磁插装阀关键电磁驱动元件,广泛应用于工业、工程、农业、冶金、船舶、军工机械等领域,

· 产品设计符合 JBT5244/VDE0580 标准。

· 采用优质导磁材料,保证电磁铁输出力稳定可靠。

· 提供多种标准连接方式,外壳防护等级IP65-IP69K,可满足不同领域环境需要。

· 采用高质量 H 级漆包线和绝缘材料,全塑封线圈结构,坚固耐用,散热快,即使长期使用也不会烧损。

· 表面处理:蓝白锌。

· 标准线圈若不能满足您的需求,欢迎联系搏业液压,可根据您的需求定制,欢迎咨询。

· Boye hydraulic, coil for BYC series cartridge valve,belongs to the key electromagnetic driving element ofelectromagnetic cartridge valve, which is widely used in industry, engineering, agriculture,

metallurgy, shipbuilding,military machinery and other fields,

· The product design conforms to jbt5244 / vde0580 standard.High quality magnetic conductive materials are adopted to ensure the stable and reliable output force of electromagnet.

· A variety of standard connection modes are provided, and the enclosure protection grade is ip65-ip69k, which can meet the environmental needs of different fields.

· It adopts high-quality H-class enamelled wire and insulating material, and fully plastic sealed coil structure, which is firm and durable, fast heat dissipation, and will not burn even if it is used for a long time.

· Surface treatment: blue white zinc.

· If the standard coil can not meet your needs, please contact Boye hydraulic, which can be customized according to your needs. Welcome to consult.

二、产品细节/Product illustration

Coil for cartridge valve BYC1-16-01D from China supplier

三、技术参数/Technical parameter

环境温度     Ambienttemperature


防护等级   Degree of protection IP67
电压波动范围    Voltage fluctuation range


通电持续率    Power on duration 100
额定功率    Rated power W23/28绝缘等级    Insulation class H(180)

Coil for cartridge valve BYC1-16-01D from China supplier
Coil for cartridge valve BYC1-16-01D from China supplier
Coil for cartridge valve BYC1-16-01D from China supplier

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