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NingBo Losun Electronics Science&Technology Co.,ltd
NingBo Losun Electronics Science&Technology Co.,ltd
China - Ningbo
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Nava sheva,chennal,mumbai
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101-200 people
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20 Day(s)
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1. Used to connect two wires safely and rapidly with moistureproof; 2. Applied to the conductors with inner diameter of 0.4—0.9mm; 3. Can connect the cable directly; 4. All materials used in the connectors shall be non-toxic and dermatological safe; 5. UY2 connectors should be used for wires with external coat up to 1.80mm in diameter; 6. There are UY,UR,UB type etc. 7,Suitable for second-tier direct connection;suitable for 0.4mm-0.9mm wire. 8,Insert the wire into the hole,Use pliers pressure. 9,Internal rust oil, rust-proof waterproof;Copper pole,Crimp more convenient. 10,K2 B connector:dual blade crimp, suitable for telephone cable and wire. 11,Benefits of K2 B connector:More stable,convenient and simple,small size and wide useful. 12,High quality K2 B conector. Proof type monomer, using pole connection for second-tier direct connection

Connectors from China supplier
Connectors from China supplier

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100000 Piece(s) Per Day
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25 Day
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plastic bags&carton box
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