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Floating Ball Valve
  • Floating Ball Valve

Floating Ball Valve

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Shield Valves & Control Ltd
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Floating Ball Valve– A floating ball valve is not held in place by a trunnion, and instead is attached only to the stem. This sometimes causes the ball to float slightly downstream. However, when this happens, the ball presses against the seat, creating a positive seal. Bringing together some of the pre-eminent floating ball valve brands, our extensive range of full and reduced bore valves allows you to meet your unique process conditions and helps you achieve optimum results. The floating ball valve portfolio includes a diverse range of standard and customized valves that can be configured to suit most process applications or project packages. There are soft seated designs that provide superior sealing; metal-seated valves that maintain tight shut-off and valves designed to maintain the performance of your processes from elevated temperatures to cryogenic. Shield TM Floating ball valves feature a floating ball design for low torque and increased cycle life. As standard, larger sized valves feature trunnion-type ball support. These rugged ball valves are ideal for industrial applications.

Floating Ball Valve from China supplier
Floating Ball Valve from China supplier
Floating Ball Valve from China supplier
Floating Ball Valve from China supplier

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