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Floor Lamps FLX0089
  • Floor Lamps FLX0089

Floor Lamps FLX0089

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China Honor Terminal technology Co.LTD
China Honor Terminal technology Co.LTD
China - Hangzhou
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1.Advanced coin operated function 2.Intelligent computer chip control. 3.Security, Open the cover,the machine can stop 4.Whole gray appearance, brown transparent cover, silver decorative panels 5. Correct dehydration balance system automatically 6.Time, fault intelligent LED display 7.Full cycle waterfall, stereo scour water 8. Four kinds of washing program 9. Oblique muscle antibacterial stainless steel inner barrel 10.Imported polymer plastic box, high strength, corrosion never deformation 11.double built-in line filter debris12.Turn barrel twist Wash hands,High wash rate
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