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Flow Totalizer-FX6000
  • Flow Totalizer-FX6000
  • Flow Totalizer-FX6000
  • Flow Totalizer-FX6000

Flow Totalizer-FX6000

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Flow Totalizer-FX6000

Flow measurement, control, remote transmission

As an innovative product of flow integrator,FX6000 integrate flow compensation, measurement management, prepaid management, trade settlement and remote data into one. It is suitable for all kinds of flow sensors and can accurately measure the volume flow, mass flow and heat of the medium.

Prepaid management: when the flow balance is less than the alarm value, the system will send an alarm warning signal, and at the same time send a short message to the user manager's mobile phone to remind him to recharge. When the balance is exhausted, the system will automatically close the valve, and the valve can be opened and restored after recharge.

Perfect cumulative report function: cumulative annual report, cumulative monthly report, cumulative team report.Double password protection to ensure equality and mutual benefit between supply and demand.

Supports Modbus-TCP server mode for Ethernet communication.

Supports the Modbus-RTU master-slave mode for serial communication.

USB data export: cumulative reports, power down records, system logs,etc.

Applicable flow sensor

1. standard orifice (flange taps left plate,Angle read E city. Pressure orifice plate and D / 2 D), the standard read smoothly (ISA 1932 nozzles, the length to diameter nozzle, venturi nozzle),standard for venturi contraction, thick plate welding contraction), V cone flow-meter,general differential pressure flow meter, pulse output flow meter invited, bend flow meter and flow meter output current (4-20 ma type linear flow-meter,electromagnetic flow-meter, vortex street).

2. Flow coefficient of general isobaric Flow-meter K produced by two ways: internal calculation of instrument and user given. When the flow coefficient K is given by the user, the K coefficient can be divided into segments and up to 10 segments

3. Differential pressure flow-meter (orifice plate, glass, etc.) has two open-square lifting modes: instrument open-square and sensor open-square

4. The flow coefficient K of the pulse output flow-meter can be set in segments, up to 10 segments.

Applicable medium

  Superheated steam, saturated steam,artificial gas, mixed gas, general gas, single gas, general liquid, water, user medium, heat conducting oil

Compensation formula

1. Conduct real-time calculation on the discharge coefficient C,  mass flow Qm, and expansion rate of flow rate ε in throttle flow-meter according to GB/T2624-2006ISO 5167-2003

2. Calculate compression factor Z based on Redlich-Kwong equation

3. The density of superheated steam, saturated steam and isentropic index were calculated according to IAPWS-IF97 formula.

4. Physical property parameters of natural gas were calculated according to SY/T6143-2004 standard.

Rich Function

1. Format function

*  Provide reports, daily, monthly, annual reports, etc

*  Free to set statement settlement time, number of shifts, etc

*  Excel format derived from the report for subsequent access to the archive

2. Remote system upgrade

3. Modbus-RTU correspondence:supports the Modbus-RTU master-slave mode for serial communication.

*   According to the Modbus-RTU function,we can real-time view of site working condition data on client

*  According to the Modbus-RTU function,clients can view slave data in real time through FX6000.

4. Modbus-TCP correspondence:supports Modbus-TCP server mode for Ethernet communication.

*   According to the Modbus-TCP functioncan view instrument data in real time on client side

*   Up to 4 client access supported simultaneously

5. Prepaid management
* According to the prepaid management function,energy supply to companies can realize the management of users' payment before use.
* Compared with the traditional energy management mode, this system can reduce human mistakes, improve work efficiency, help reduce management loss, avoid trade disputes, speed up payment collection, improve the efficiency of capital turnover, and greatly enhance the economic benefits of the entire energy system.

Rich Display Pictures

Compliance with safety and EMC specifications

* Safety cognizanceEN61010-1:2001

* Electromagnetic compatibility :EN61326-1:2006  EN61000-3-22006      EN61000-3-3:2008

Data management software-DMR

1. Adopt U disk, communication mode to collect data, and save to the computer. Browse,analyze, print and export data through DMR software.

2. Historical data browsing and analysisThree statistical functions

* Historical data collected can be viewed and analyzed in a curve or list.

* Curve browsing includes curve scaling,selection display: data analysis includes statistics, data printing.

3. Data statistics

* Peakvalley and mean statistics

* Overrun statisticsthe total time of the upper and lower limits is counted

* Pulse statisticsCount the number of pulses in a certain time range

4. Data printing

*  Can be divided into curve, list, circle diagram three forms of printing to meet the different needs of customers

Flow Totalizer-FX6000 from China supplier

Flow Totalizer-FX6000 from China supplier
Flow Totalizer-FX6000 from China supplier
Flow Totalizer-FX6000 from China supplier

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20 Day
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Under normal circumstances, one product is packaged in one box, which is different in size according to different models.
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