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HD-103 Silane Coupling Agent (kbm-602)
  • HD-103 Silane Coupling Agent (kbm-602)

HD-103 Silane Coupling Agent (kbm-602)

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Hangzhou Dadi Chemical Co.,ltd
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colorless or slightly yellowish clear liquid
Product Description

HD-103 silane coupling agent is a bifunctional double –amine type silane  coupling agent. It is mainly used as the raw material for the new generation of  amino-modified silicone oil and several silicone-based super-soft finishing agents , and also used as the organic solvent, the curing filler for top quality polyester paint  and silicone rubber, and the modifier for epoxide resin and plastic.

Technical specifications

Chemical name: N-(β-amino-ethyl)-γ-aminopropylmethyldimethoxyl silane

Structural formula: CH3Si(OCH3)2CH2-CH2-CH2-NHCH2-CH2-NH2

Molecular weight: 206.37

Appearance:  colorless or slightly yellowish clear liquid

Effective composition: 97%

Content of free amine: 0.5%

Specific gravity(30): 0.96±0.01

Refractive index(30): 1.4440~1.4470

Package, storage and transportation

(1) Package: 25 kg plastic barrel

(2) Shelf life: 6 months

(3) This product should be stored in a dry and cold room and prevented from direct sunshine

HD-103 Silane Coupling Agent (kbm-602) from China supplier

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