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Solar marine  navigation light, mooring buoy lights for sale
  • Solar marine  navigation light, mooring buoy lights for sale

Solar marine navigation light, mooring buoy lights for sale

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Place of Origin:
Jiangsu, China
Brand Name:
Type of light source:
2~5 Years
Luminous color:
Red, yellow, blue, green, white
Light source life:
Main body: aluminum alloy Lamp shade: PC
Visual range:
1 ~ 3.7NM (TC=0.74)
DC3.7V/6AH lithium battery
Protection level:
Wind resistance:
80 m / sec
Supply Ability
Supply Ability:
50 Piece/Pieces per Day
Packaging & Delivery
Product Description

Main functions and features of marine navigation lights:

● Based on LED technology and its color are in line with IALA recommendation E-200-1
● The light source is LED, which adopts imported international advanced long-life, low-power, high-efficiency chip package.
● Low-illumination, high-efficiency solar panels are used, and solar-powered batteries are used as power sources.
● The control circuit uses a micro-power flash controller, which reduces the energy consumption of the control circuit itself and greatly improves product reliability.
● The battery uses advanced power management system to comprehensively protect the battery under voltage, over voltage, floating charge, etc., effectively improving the battery life.
● It adopts conventional lithium iron phosphate battery and is easy to replace.
● It adopts PC material with anti-bird device and has excellent impact strength, thermal stability and gloss.
● The outer casing is made of aerospace aluminum alloy material, which has the advantages of light weight and corrosion resistance.
● Photoelectric automatic control function.
● 256 types that meet the IALA requirements include constant light, optional Bluetooth compile light quality and manual coding.
● The lamp has a continuous working time of more than 10 days in rainy days (can be customized).
● Customizable function: remote control light switch, no obstacles, remote control distance 6km / GSM GPRS remote control telemetry / GPS sync flashing.
● Sealing material: waterproof sealing ring.
● Flame retardant grade: UL94-V0.

Installation and use method:

● The luminaire must be installed in a place where it can be fully exposed to sunlight to ensure continuous operation.
● Install the luminaire on the horizontal mounting surface. The mounting surface should be flat and have sufficient mechanical strength. It is fixed with 4 M10 screws.
● When using for the first time, turn on the battery switch at the bottom of the luminaire. Please turn off this switch for long-term storage.
● Set the required working mode, bottom wave switch, constant light / flash.
● This light has a light control function, and the light starts to work when the ambient illumination is lower than the light control illuminance switch value.
● Because the luminaire has a photoelectric switch function, the aviation light will not light when the ambient light is high. When testing, the beacon light should be placed in a dark environment.

Solar marine  navigation light, mooring buoy lights for sale from China supplier

● Make sure the power supply voltage is the same as the label before use.
● This product will have a temperature rise during operation, which is normal.
● When working on the product, do not open any part of the lamp body to prevent danger.
● This product is a sealed structure. Non-professional maintenance personnel should not disassemble it. Once found, the company will not guarantee it.
● When working on the product, do not look directly at the lamp in a horizontal direction to avoid eye damage.

Detailed Images
Solar marine  navigation light, mooring buoy lights for sale from China supplier
Solar marine  navigation light, mooring buoy lights for sale from China supplier
Solar marine  navigation light, mooring buoy lights for sale from China supplier
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