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Zhengben Logistics Co.,Ltd
Zhengben Logistics Co.,Ltd
China - Zibo
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Its liquid tank area has reached 1 million cubic meters. According to the rankings issued by China National Storage Association about the national classification of dangerous goods tanks in June 2016, Zhengben Logistic ranked second in China. At the same time, it also has 60 thousand square meters of general warehouse and 150 thousand square meters of container yard. As the train could arrive tank directly, the pipe lines could connect among train tank, automobile tank and tank field, the quick and safe loading and discharging could realize. About the railway, Zhengben Logistic has built 14 special railway lines, could transport common and hazard chemical goods. In the port, regardless of crude oil ashore, or finished oil into the sea, we have achieved a direct connection between water and rail special train. About the road transport, it can integrate nearly 1000 vehicles and achieved door to door service.
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