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One Key Video Measuring System
  • One Key Video Measuring System

One Key Video Measuring System

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Dongguan Yihui Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.
Dongguan Yihui Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.
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I. Usage

OFT Series is a One Key Video Measuring System developed by Yihui.

It has been widely used in machinery,electronics, aerospace, automotive, military, mould, and other industries for

precision measurement.

1.    It can measure point, line, circle, arc and oval, rectangular and improve the accuracy with the multi-point positioning function.

2.   In metrology terms, the machine can test and dimension width, length, height, thickness, diameter, angel, straightness, flatness, perpendicularity, circular degree, coaxiality, etc.

3.    Combination of measurements, center structure and the intersection of structure, the midpoint of construction, line structure, a round structure and structural point of view.

II. Features

1. It adopts 5MP Color CCD Camera, guarantee clear image and accurate measurement.

2. Big FOV, fast measurement speed. i.e. 3D composite panel all 34 image dimensions measurement

completed 1.2 seconds / film, 3D glass all 10 image dimensions measurement completed 0.34 seconds / film.

3. Small and compact body, easy to use in workshop, office.

III. Specifications

Code 04178… 003
Model OFT-86
Glass Table Dimension(mm) 120*120
Stroke(XY, mm) 80*60
Load Capacity approx. 5 kg
Weight (kg) 20kg
Dimension (L*W*H, mm) 210*362*745
Measuring Targeting System
(Standard Accessories) Camera: 5MP Color CCD Camera
Zoom Lens: Telecentric Lens
Magnification of lens: 0.09 X WD: 120mm
Video Magnification: 7.19X FOV: 80*60mm
Z Stroke(mm) 70
Min. Resolution 1 μm
Accuracy E1* Ex, y ≤ (4.5+L/100) μm
Accuracy E2* Exy ≤ (5.0+L/100) μm
Illumination Transmission light, surface light adopt LED, brightness adjustable
Power 110/220V(AC), 50/60HZ 30W
* All data is tested according to Standard JJF1318-2011
L is measured length (units: mm)

IV. Software Description

One Key Video Measuring System from China supplier

One Key Video Measuring System from China supplier

One Key Video Measuring System from China supplier

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20 Day
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Vaccum & Free Fumigation Plywood Case for One Key Video Measuring System
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