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Quick bond 2g General Purpose Super Glue
  • Quick bond 2g General Purpose Super Glue

Quick bond 2g General Purpose Super Glue

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CAS No.:
Other Names:
cyanoacrylate glue, super glue, 502
Place of Origin:
Zhejiang, China
Other Adhesives
Main Raw Material:
Metal & Ceramics & Rubber & Glass & Plastics & much more
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Raw materials:
Appearance and odor:
Transparent liquid
Specific gravity:
Flash point (oC):
60 -80cps
Curing time:
Less 8 seconds
Shelf life:
24 months keep in cool place
Work temperature:
Supply Ability
Supply Ability:
30000 Dozen/Dozens per Day
Packaging & Delivery

     Household General Purpose Power Glue 2g or 3g x 12tubes


General description


Net 2g or 3g instant super glue in aluminum tube,   with special formula for mess-free adhesive , it contents ethyl-cyanoacrylate, solvent free,EU standard quality,  Reach cerfitifcate,


it's ideal for bonding a wide variety of materials around the home, including rubber,metals, ceramics,leather, wood,most plastics, and much more,  it's great for DIY and model making.




Technical Data


Product Name Ingredient Appearance Flash point (oC) Curing time(Steel) Viscosity work temperature Shelf life
2g/3g super glue Ethyl-cyanoacrylate Clear Liquid   80(176oF) Less 8 seconds 60- 80cps -50-80(oC) 24months





Directions for use:

1.Ensure surface are close fitting,clean,dry and free from grease or dust,


2.Sightly dampen porous surfaces such as china or wood


3,Pointing the bottles away from your body, unscrew the cap and nozzle assembly, then pierce the membrane with the end of the cap. Screw the cap and nozzle tightly back onto the tube. Unscrew the cap and the glue is ready for use.



4.Use one drop of super glue per square inch and apply to one surface


5, Press the surfaces to be bonded together firmly and hold until fully bonded.


6, Avoid spillage as super glue is difficult to remove,


7, Always replace the cap immediately after use, return the tube to the blister pack and retain this for future reference,


Heath and Safety


   Iritating to eyes, respiratory system and skin.

Do not breathe fumes/vapour. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. In case of contact with eyes,rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. Wear suitable gloves. Use only in well-ventilated area.    if skin bonding occurs, peel apart in warm soapy water. Store bottles upright in a cool dry place, Dispose of used packs safely.

Warning: Keep out of reach of children and pets,

DANGER, Cyanoacrylate bonds skin and eyes in seconds


Please note: not suitable for bonding glassware, polypropylene or polythene or rayon.


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