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Resilient Seat Butterfly Valve
  • Resilient Seat Butterfly Valve

Resilient Seat Butterfly Valve

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Shield Valves & Control Ltd
Shield Valves & Control Ltd
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The resilient butterfly valve is a soft seat valve, also called water valve, which is desirable for applications where extended service applications are necessary such as water treatment,food and beverage, acids, high corrosive industry and gas in the range of temperatures -20℃~120℃.Resilient seated valves are excellent choices for continuous modulating control, dead-end service to 250 psi, and vacuum service to 24" Hg. Rubber Seat; Seat replaceable; Bi-directional Seal; Low pressure only Specifications Product scope: NPS 1 1/2"(DN50)~80"(DN2000) Max. pressure: PN16; 150Lb Temperature range: -20°C to +180°C End Connection: Wafer; Lug and Flanged Top flange: ISO 5211 Main material: CI; DI; CS; SS; Alloy Steel; Duplex Steel Design and manufacturing: API; EN; BS

Resilient Seat Butterfly Valve from China supplier
Resilient Seat Butterfly Valve from China supplier
Resilient Seat Butterfly Valve from China supplier
Resilient Seat Butterfly Valve from China supplier

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