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Double Girder Overhead Crane
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The General Double Girder Overhead Crane is one most of the most frequently used material handling equipment. The Double Girder Overhead Crane are widely used for Hydro Power Station, Power Plant, Steel Mills, Paper Mill, Storage, Chemical Plant, Machine Assembly Factory and Each kinds Factory Workshop. The Double Girder Overhead Crane have following features: 1.Heavy Duty and High Efficient 2.Suitable for any environment 3.High safety and reliability 4.Competitive quality and price The Overhead are consisted of crane bridge, crane traveling mechanism, Hoist trolley, electrical equipment, etc. Further more, according to different usage, industry and demands, the Double Girder Overhead Crane have following improved model: 1. Grab Double Girder Overhead Crane 2. Magnetic Double Girder Overhead Crane 3. Foundry and Casting Overhead Crane 4. Explosion proof Overhead Crane 5. Double Trolley Overhead Crane

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