Airmesh Horse Rug 240 GSMAirmesh Horse Rug 240 GSM
USD $ 10.00 - 35.00
>=50 piece
Meo Electronic Technology Co.LTD
About Bungee
Multiple things around the garden, home, and car need to be tied together to enhance tidiness and shelf life, and the most versatile gear to make that possible is high-quality bungee . Designed from high-quality materials and durably coated, these items are water-resistant, waterproof, and long-lasting.  Browse Tradechina.com for an all-in-one collection of UV-resistance bungee suitable for use outdoors and interiors regardless of the weather. Many of the bungee have 100% stretch elongation properties and high-strength capabilities that allow for unrivaled functionality and longevity. Choose from a range of colors and styles, including flecked white, solid black, neon yellow, spiral metal, elastic, and many others. The units are available in sizes ranging from one to over 100 meters and thickness ranging from a millimeter to several centimeters. There are many highly durable elastic bungee at Tradechina.com crafted of robust braided polyester and enhanced with a strong protective natural rubber core and sheathing offering superior elasticity and shock resistance. Created to match the finest industry-leading resilience and strength, they are usable in securing tarpaulins, tie-downs, and trampolines. Despite being offered by the world-leading suppliers and manufacturers, they match all the quality and affordability aspects. Browse Tradechina.com for the most reasonable bungee to discover products crafted uniquely and to match the durability and reliability requirements of end consumers. Find products from well trusted and loved suppliers and in bulk to save some money. Explore expansive deals and prices and save time when purchasing.