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    Crystal Soil

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    About Crystal Soil
    Water crystal soil is made of water-absorbing polymer gel. The original dried crystals are tiny, but after absorbing water, they swell up. People are attracted by their beautiful colors, but these crystal soil balls have other advantages. crystal soil are usually kept in vases as moisture crystals for plants. In this method of growing plants, important sources of nutrition are water, air, and sunlight, and not the soil. These water-holding polymer crystals are inert grow mediums and are regarded as ideal replacements for a potting mix. It helps plants grow by releasing water directly on the roots, helping maintain moisture. They provide a new environment of air and water for plants, and you don't have to worry about soil contamination and fungus, or other pests. They also offer a more colorful and attractive alternative to soil. Water retention crystals for plants are eco-friendly. They are also easy to store in a plastic or glass bottle. Jelly soil can be an educational toy for kids. Watching and waiting for its expansion can stimulate a child's imagination and enhance their color recognition. Of course, they are also suitable for adults. Water retaining crystals for soil are ideal as decorations at weddings, parties, and other events. Some creative people even use them as a material to design artworks. Tradechina.com offers a huge collection of wholesale crystal soil . Here you can always find the right product you are looking for.
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