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Drawer Slide

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About Drawer Slide
Search through offers for wholesale drawer slide and find the right type of drawer rails for your furniture. The types of drawer slides can be asserted in two ways. First, about the mechanism of action, we then have two types: roller and ball bearing drawer slides. The ball bearing ones are made from metal and the sliding mechanism relies on small ball bearings that provide a quiet and smooth slide. This type also has a sophisticated and secure lever release mechanism. The roller type, on the other hand, offers a cheaper alternative for being plastic drawer slides. The mechanism of action on this one is simple: a plastic component slides on a wheel. To release this kind of drawer, just lift the drawer. We can also divide the types of drawer rollers by position of installment, weight load limit, and certain features. Soft close drawer slides are a type of ball bearing slider that prevents the drawer from being slammed shut. This preventing unnecessary noise and damage to the furniture. Undermount drawer slides, as their name suggests, go under the drawer, hiding the sliding mechanism. This kind of bottom mount drawer slides also leaves more space for drawer width. Heavy duty drawer slides are bulkier and utilized in drawers that need extra strength to handle a greater weight load. The drawer slide and center mount drawer slides also have their own specifications. On Tradechina.com, you can contact international wholesale drawer slide and dresser drawer slides suppliers. Browse through the offers, consult the specifications, and purchase the right drawer guide for you from the comfort of your home.