About Ice Machines
There are many types of ice machines that are suitable for ice making. So, you need to know about them so that you can make the right choice. A self-contained ice machine with both an ice maker and a bin is compact. Therefore, this type of ice machines is ideal for storing in limited spaces. This type of ice machines is suitable for bars, cafes, and coffee shops. On the other hand, the modular type is ideal if you are interested in immense ice. It is used by hotels, schools, and movie theaters. Additionally, it is designed to sit on top of another unit, such as a beverage machine. Another type of ice maker is an ice dispenser. This machine not only makes ice but also dispenses it from the unit. For this reason, it is considered the hygienic option. It is mainly used in healthcare facilities, lounge rooms, quick-service restaurants, and hotels. Lastly, we have the countertop ice machine. These machines are compact and self-serve. They are designed to produce minute and chewable ice. Therefore, they are suitable for hospitals, cafeterias, and lounge rooms. Additionally, they also dispense water and sit perfectly on top of tables or countertops. For wholesale purchase of a ice machines , Tradechina.com is the place to go. The shop has partnered with several Chinese wholesalers to offer you a wide range of models. Also, the shop offers its products at pocket-friendly prices. It is also open 24/7, and so you can visit the online platform at any time and place your order.