About Inductors
inductors (also known as a chokes, coils, or reactors) are passive two-terminal electrical components that are capable of storing energy in a magnetic field when it has electric current flowing through it. Made out of simple wire coils that have powerful magnetic properties, inductors are widely used electric components. There is a vast selection of inductors on Tradechina.com. You can choose from air-core inductors, radio frequency inductors, axial inductors, common mode chokes, basket-weave coils, spiderweb coils, litz wire, ferromagnetic-core inductors, laminated-core inductors, ferrite-core inductors, powdered-iron-core inductors, toroidal-core inductors, variable inductors, and chokes. inductors have extensive application in analog circuits as well as signal processing. Find inductors that suit your required application. From large inductors that can be used in power supplies, to inductors that can be used in tuned circuits along with capacitors to create resonators for oscillating current. These types of circuits are commonly used in radio frequency equipment that includes radio transmitters and receivers. Two (or more) inductors that are in close proximity and have mutual inductance are able to form a transformer, making them core components for use on electric utility power grids. You can find wholesale inductors for your brand or business. Shop from Tradechina.com and enjoy variety from a range of suppliers to get just the right inductors you are looking for.