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Kitchen Knives & Accessories

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Bamboo Cheese SetBamboo Cheese Set
USD $ 4.45 - 4.45
>=3000 piece
Kitchen Knife Orkn028Kitchen Knife Orkn028
USD $ 3.00 - 3.00
>=500 set
About Kitchen Knives & Accessories
There are so many options for kitchen knives accessories wholesalers. Let's start with the various types of wood, including maple, oak, cherry, walnut, birch, and teak. Maple wood has the highest density and is a closed-grain hardwood, making it a good choice of material. It is more cost-effective than its closed-grain counterparts, such as cherry and walnut wood. On the other hand, oak wood is an open-grain wood that is not ideal for direct food preparation. In addition, you should also consider the kind of construction that will be appropriate for your customers' daily cooking tasks, such as (1) Edge grain: The type in which boards are laid parallel with their edges showing. (2) End grain: The type in which small square pieces are lined up vertically with their ends showing. (3) Blended: The type in which different lengths are joined with no particular pattern. There are few differences between cutting boards and chopping blocks other than the size, weight, thickness, and function. Chopping blocks are heavier and thicker because these are used in preparing meat. Meanwhile, cutting boards are typically used for cutting smaller food items such as fruits and vegetables. If we attempt to chop meat on a cutting board, it will most likely crack. We recommend something made of maple as it is a good choice of material for both cutting boards and chopping blocks. There are other kinds of kitchen knives accessories you can find at Tradechina.com, such as firewood chopping block, barbecue chopping block, axe chopping block, chopping block island, and more.