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Loose Beads

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About Loose Beads
Shop for loose beads on Tradechina.com when you need extra decorations for your crafts. Browse through a wide selection to find all kinds of shapes and colors. Find loose beads that can be used in sewing projects or for making your own jewelry. Get different types that are as vibrant and as realistic as you need. Stock up for your fashion brand or homemade crafts store. Many different loose beads can be found, with some made of attractive glass and others made with a more durable resin. Some are made of rhinestones to look like real gemstones. Certain types are round, while some are rectangular. Others are shaped into three-dimensional beads with smooth textures. Many varieties feature flatbacks that make them easy to adhere to different surfaces. Suppliers of loose beads on Tradechina.com offer various customizable features. Change the colors and packaging for an order that will look just right for you. Some suppliers have prices for individual pieces, while most sell by the bag or package. Sizes can often be customized as needed as well. Certain manufacturers offer samples so you can try the product out before buying a full shipment. Look for bulk packs or varieties that are already attached via string. Find suitable loose beads for your needs at Tradechina.com. Whether you are sewing them into clothes or making luxurious accessories, there are options for you. Browse various loose beads to customize an order that will have an appearance perfect for your project.