About Pad Printers
Pad printing was discovered in the 1970s and has been of continuous help to put brand names on their products. It works like a stamp, stamping the images and writing onto a product using a silicon pad. You can get this product on Tradechina.com at a competitive price from the many dealers on the site. The primary importance of the pad printers is its efficiency to imprint a clear image and writing onto the intended surface. If you are a small business looking to professionalize your products, look into the inventory on Tradechina.com for an inexpensive fix with a wholesale padding printer. With a printing capacity of up to 50,000 impressions, the pad printers transfers 2D imaging as a 3D image onto a substrate via a silicon transfer pad. The seamless impressions are clear of excessive inking, making it superior to typical printing. The body is made with strong mild steel and a cast iron base for maximum stability. Choose from the different sizes, with a small pad printers doing 300 prints an hour, or the big offering 3000 prints per hour. They are compact for minimum space utilization, meaning they will fit in your office without taking too much space. Armed with micro-adjustment registration pad printers can result in details with fine precision. The automated inking customization allows for a continuous printing flow without removing the cup to ink again. The machine will have different sizes and shapes of silicone pads to imprint images and words onto varying irregular surfaces. Stocking your business with pad printers is now easy with the suppliers selling wholesale bulk printers. Contact one of the suppliers on Tradechina.com and buy a desktop or full-size pad printer at affordable rates.