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    About Relief Printing Machines
    Get wholesale relief printing machines at low factory prices from Tradechina.com. Chinese wholesalers provide a great variety of relief printing machines machines. Choose your machine and start printing packaging materials for your company’s products. Or you can set up a printing business and print packaging materials for a variety of customers. relief printing machines allows you to print various packaging materials, from woven to non-woven. Plus, you can use them to print large packaging bags for chemicals, fertilizer, grain, feedstuff, and cement. Others are optimized for printing small packaging bags for food and beverage, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical products. Select any size of relief printing machines with printing capabilities of 1 to 10 colors. The more colors a machine can print, the larger the size and the heavier the machine. A one-color machine can weigh around 700kgs, while a 5-color weighs around 1,500kgs. For a 10-color machine, the weight can go up to 7,500kgs and even higher for larger industrial printers. Some flexographic printing solutions are fully automatic, while others are semi-automatic. They work with different inks, including water ink and UV ink. A heating system is used to facilitate quick drying of the ink. The maximum printing widths range between 600mm to 2,400mm, depending on the size of the machine. Printing speed varies from 50m/min to 150m/min. Control is done using a PLC touch screen in some machines. If you’re looking for relief printing machines , Tradechina.com has a wide variety of machines you can choose from. If you have special requirements that are not available on a particular machine, you can request the wholesaler to customize one for you. Shop from Tradechina.com and enjoy great after-sales services.
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