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Transfer Printing

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About Transfer Printing
Get wholesale transfer printing at Tradechina.com. transfer printing is a technology that uses dye sublimation to print portraits, landscapes, texts, and other images in a mirror or reverse mode on a suitable surface. The color of the image on the paper can be realistically transferred to textiles, porcelain cups, porcelain plates, metals, and other materials. We also care about your experience when you are using  transfer printing . Therefore, we keep the process simple and. The sublimation ink does not affect the image details, its color remains vivid, and it also has a good level of stability. As different workplaces tend to use different brands and types of printers, our transfer printing are designed to be suitable for various printers. After the transfer, the images on objects, the texture, and visual effects are much better compared to the process using ordinary ink and transfer paper. The outcome of using transfer printing is colorful, and will not easily fade even after washing several times. The images will not crack and have good air permeability. Shop at Tradechina.com and get the right equipment you need at an affordable price. Then you can start transferring your designs and ideas to the objects your customers would want to use or present to others.