Why Choose TradeChina Managed Sourcing Service?
Sourcing from China
Businesses of all sizes can now reap the benefits of importing directly from China previously only enjoyed by large corporations and multinational companies. If you don’t seriously start studying the benefits of sourcing your products in China, you can be fairly certain your competitors will. You may already be buying products manufactured in China from your current suppliers, but after they have marked them up to 10 times. TradeChina minimises the risks of sourcing in China by choosing reputable trade partners and using stringent systems to ensure product quality. We will:
  • Tender your product out
  • Validate potential suppliers Present you with samples
  • Negotiate prices on your behalf
  • Perform quality checks
  • Arrange delivery to your door
We have the contacts, systems, people and resources to source you the best deal in China. Do our complimentary Feasibility Check to find out if your product and the quantity is feasible to be sourced directly from China.
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  • Sourcing & Product Development

    TradeChina will help you find the right products and merchandise for your business whether these are off-the-shelf or customised. Just provide us with your product specifications and we will take care of finding the right manufacturer for you. Rest assured that we have confidentiality agreements and other measures in place to protect your valued intellectual property. TradeChina will manage the whole manufacturing project, including arranging samples to be manufactured, negotiations, quality control and logistics.

  • China Company Verification Service

    TradeChina is a world-class verification company. We can check any Chinese company's pertinent business information and credit. Our background checks are meant to help you exercise due diligence when entering into a business partnership with Chinese manufacturers and suppliers.

  • China Company Verification Service

    TradeChina’s verification services include background checking of companies in Thailand. We can research and verify the legitimacy of businesses and suppliers in Thailand. We have locals working for us in Thailand which gives us access to get all the crucial information that you need.

  • Pre-Production Inspection

    Prior to full-scale manufacturing of your product/s, China Homelife will help you with the entire planning process and the legalities, negotiations, and contracts involved. We also offer cost minimisation and due diligence services to optimise your business venture.

  • Mid-Production Inspection (DUPRO)

    TradeChina inspects and evaluates different stages during the production (DuPro) process. We focus on:
    Checking the sample for any defects or deviation from quality parameters Finding the root causes of production defects Suggesting practical and effective ways in which these can be rectified Inspection and detection of poor quality linkages at different production stations Identifying supplier production weaknesses in the production system that leads to defects Product and component quality inspection before assembly Issuing an In-line Inspection Report with digital pictures Issuing a Corrective Act Report with digital pictures Verifying the execution of a Corrective Action Report (CAR)
    A comprehensive report is given to you regularly regarding the progress in the production process.

  • China Pre-Shipment Inspection Service

    TradeChina offers this service when the merchandise is completed, packed and ready for shipment, or at least 80% of products are packed. Pre-Shipment Inspection is performed at an agreed Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) established between you and the supplier. During this process, our inspectors check the available quantity and then take samples based on the internationally recognized statistical random sampling technique, commonly known as ANSI/ASQC Z1.4, BS 6001-1, and ISO 2859-1. Inspectors will verify quantity, workmanship, style, size, color, packing and shipping mark – all with a view to ensure that the merchandise meets the contract specifications and adheres to your approved sample. TradeChina will provide you with a detailed Final Inspection Report complete with digital images so that you can also evaluate the final stages of production from your end. We will work hand in hand to make sure that you get high quality products for your business.

  • Loading Inspection

    TradeChina will go to the factory or warehouse to check the quality and quantity of the products before they are loaded into the container. You can also provide us with your specific loading plan and we will make sure that it is implemented. Or we can also consolidate products from different suppliers into one container and verify the quality and quantity before shipment

  • China Factory Audit

    TradeChina conducts Factory Audit services. Our inspectors will:
    Verify factory existence Check core production competencies and capacity claims Check the bona fides of the person you’ve been dealing with See first-hand the quality procedures employed
    We will provide you with a Factory Audit report which will include pertinent details on the Factory Profile, Factory Organisation, Production Equipment and Capacity, Quality Assurance System, Technical Standard, R&D, Supplier Management, Hygiene, Environment and Security and Social Accountability. This way you can be sure about the credibility and reliability of the supplier you are dealing with. This will minimise your business risks and increase your competence.