China Homelife Brazil

Sao Paulo Exhibition & Convention Center
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10:00-17:00 13 June 2022 - 15 June 2022

300Verified Chinese Suppliers
6000+Qualified Products on Display
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China Homelife & China Machinex
China Homelife Brazil has become the largest sourcing platform for Chinese goods, greatly promoting international trade and facilitating the trade process. China Homelife Brazil returns to Brazil during 2022-06-13 to 2022-06-15, introducing top quality Chinese suppliers with products covering the main sectors. As a professional exhibition, China Homelife Brazil offers a wide range of services to ensure that every visitor has the best possible experience.
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  • Machinery,Vehicles Parts & Accessories
    Machinery,Vehicles Parts & Accessories
  • Consumer Electronics
    Consumer Electronics
  • Home Appliances
    Home Appliances
  • Plastics,Packaging & Printing
    Plastics,Packaging & Printing
  • Food drink
    Food drink
  • Textiles & Leather Products
    Textiles & Leather Products
  • Beauty & Personal Care & Furniture
    Beauty & Personal Care & Furniture
  • Electronic Components
    Electronic Components
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Combining with the advantages of online and offline trading, China Homelife Brazil makes your business with Chinese manufacturers much easier.
Importing becomes easier thanks to the platform
  • Exhibition Booth: 2,400
  • Over 1,400 premium Chinese manufacturers
  • Easy access to the latest products
  • Possibility of arranging private meetings with manufacturers
  • Easy access to latest products
  • Access to over 1000 of the best offers
The leading platform for Chinese manufacturers, combining more than 45,000 Chinese companies with over 3 million merchants around the world.
  • 01 - Quality Suppliers and Products
    Verified suppliers and quality products. All suppliers attending the exhibition come from leading companies in China, verified by the organizer. In addition, you will be able to choose from several quality products covering the main sectors.
  • 02 - Free Translation Services
    Don't worry about the language barrier. With professional translation & interpretation services, you can communicate efficiently & effectively with suppliers and obtain the best deals.
  • 03 - Online and face-to-face partner search
    Matchmaking ensures effective sourcing. The Match-Making Program can help you find the best supplier and products.
  • 04 - RFQ (Request For Quotation)
    Get the ask-for-offer services for free. Fill out the form and click submit. Your exclusive sales manager will help you find the perfect match for your product, quantity and price.
For visitors
Why to Attend
1.Verified Chinese suppliers providing one-stop international trading solution2.Thousands of quality products covering various industries3. Market-tested match-making model which has realized 30,000 successful trade-matches between buyers and suppliers4. A professional operation team of 300 people providing services of language support and trade process