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20 ohm 20 watt resistor

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Browse 20 ohm 20 watt resistor at Tradechina.com and choose from an assortment of high-quality equipment. 20 ohm 20 watt resistor have widespread applications and are commonly used in the circuit systems of amplifiers, oscillators, high-frequency instruments and DC power supplies. An electrical component with two terminals is used to adjust signal levels, divide voltages, and reduce current flow.

There are multiple types of 20 ohm 20 watt resistor, each with its unique applications, construction and properties. The most common ones are the fixed type, with a fixed value of resistance. Among these, axial carbon types are the most prevalent. The parts they're made with influence properties such as their noise, cost and tolerance. The variable types have a resistance value that can be adjusted, and they're used for several kinds of applications. Potentiometers are used as voltage dividers. Rheostats control a circuit's current, playing the role of variable resistance. Magneto-resistors detect and measure magnetic fields).

Find these 20 ohm 20 watt resistor and more at Tradechina.com. They are used in high-frequency instruments, voltage regulators, feedback amplifiers, DC power supplies, medical instruments and wave generators. Not just that, they're also a part of power control circuits, oscillators, amplifiers, modulators, demodulators, transmitters, digital multimeters and filter circuit networks.

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