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Tradechina.com has a vast selection of baby clothes for keeping little ones comfortable throughout the year. There are garments for the summer, fall and winter as well as for special occasions. Choose from boy, girl or unisex baby clothes that are a good fit for either gender. Clothing for infants is also designed for the convenience of parents and to make dressing easier. Many outfits feature snaps at the bottom, allowing for quick and convenient diaper changing. Zippers at the back or shoulder make shirts easier to get over heads.

Choose from all the size ranges needed for growing children, from newborn baby clothes to T sizes. There are also clothes for babies designed to match a larger outfit for an adult so children and parents complement one another. Baby clothes for everyday casual wear are built for playing outdoors as well as in playpens and give infants flexibility and the freedom to move. They are also often made with flame-retardant materials for safety.

Choose baby dresses and suits for formal occasions and pajamas for nighttime. Front zippers make dressing as well as nighttime diaper changes easy. There are also baby winter clothes for cold weather months. Cute animal prints are a common theme used to decorate garments, as well as patterns of airplanes and other vehicles or simply bright colors.

Add a custom pattern or logo to baby clothes with the options available on Tradechina.com. Add other accessories to outfits such as socks, hats and bibs to keep the clothes clean during mealtimes.