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False eyelashes are add-ons that every woman can have fun with. They help people with thin or light-colored natural lashes to enjoy a fuller appearance. Women with prominent eyelashes can also join in the fun by playing around with different colored lashes. Shoppers can discover many styles, colors and options for this product on Tradechina.com.

The state of a person's eyelashes transforms her look. Fuller lashes are known to give the illusion of bigger eyes. Tradechina.com has all kinds of lashes so that customers can indulge their vanity with false lashes for different occasions. There are dramatic lashes, long lashes for a natural look, statement-making crisscross mink eyelashes and classy winged lashes. Shoppers are also treated to endless choices when it comes to the color of false lashes. They can choose from classic black or brown to eye-opening beauty lashes in blue, pink, red and yellow (in different shades).

One of the factors that distinguishes a pair of false lashes from another one is the way in which it is made. Lashes can be fully handmade, semi-handmade or machine made. Women who are looking to create a look that's extravagant and head-turning may fancy 3D eyelashes. They are typically made by hand and combine lashes of varying sizes to produce a look that's voluminous and feathery.  

Tradechina.com has both single pairs of eyelashes and sets of different pairs of lashes (some packs contain as many as 20 pairs of lashes). Customers can enjoy exciting discounts on large, bulk orders of these beauty products.