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feather trim dress

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14cm dark grey feather trim for designer dress14cm dark grey feather trim for designer dress
USD $ 0.50 - 1.50
>=300 Yard
Ostrich Feather Fringe trimOstrich Feather Fringe trim
USD $ 4.30 - 0
>=50 Yard
About products and suppliers
Browse the exclusive feather trim dress collection on Tradechina.com at competitive prices. These products are natural and sourced from an array of birds. feather trim dress are useful in adorning costumes and homes.

feather trim dress on Tradechina.com are soft and lightweight. These products are sourced from a variety of birds, including pheasants, ducks, and peacocks. They are available in natural and dyed colors. They are bleached and dyed to vibrant colors. These products are hypo-allergic, ensuring they are suited to many people of varying health conditions. They are odorless and colorfast products. They are useful in filling pillows and duvets, thanks to their higher filling power. They have high expandability because of filaments that can hold air. The resultant products are lofty and fluffy, giving a luxuriant feel and look.

feather trim dress are available in various shapes like strips, fans, and so on. Goods in multiple sizes are in stock. These products are 100% natural and are intact, leading to higher quality end products. In comparison, the chopped goods downgrade the overall feel and quality. They are ideal for unique costumes in drama and theatrics. Elevate the aesthetics of any setting with stunning home decor items and wedding centerpieces that use these goods. These products have low oxygen numbers, ensuring adequate cleanliness. They are washed and disinfected. They boast enough warmth, appropriate for warmers and sleeping bags. These goods find value in high-fashion merchandise as embellishments, like in headpieces.

Get enticing feather trim dress offers that fit the bill on Tradechina.com. Regardless of requirements, avail of exceptional products and reliable delivery provided by reputable suppliers on the site. Also, experience the added advantage of customization and after-services. Send a quotation now and access unbelievable deals.