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Browse through the enormous inventory of wonderful hoya lens at Tradechina.com.  The hoya lens available on the site are unisex and suited for all ages. These hoya lens come with different power range and vision effects. They correct vision, protect your eyes and help elevate your look. 

hoya lens from Tradechina.com are impact-resistant, thinner, and highly reflective. These products are made up of High index plastic, CR-39 and polycarbonate material. The reflective index varies from 1.49 to 1.74. The diameter of these ranges from 50 mm to 80 mm. These hoya lens may be spherical, cylindrical, or multifocal. All kinds of hoya lens such as prescription glasses and progressives are available. The products have a satisfactory Abbe value and greater abrasion resistance.

Additionally, these hoya lens are also surface-treated with multiple coatings to suit customers needs. Anti-scratch and HC coating protects them from regular wear and tear. While you are on the road, anti-reflective products help to not obscure your sight. These hoya lens lend comfort, protection, and clarity all day long. These items ensure ultimate eye safety through UV rays deflection, polarized, and blue-cut coating. They help relieve eye strain and subsequent headaches that result from natural glare, artificial light and blue light. The hoya lens are available in tinted and clear versions. Photochromic versions change color according to the light source and intensity.

Choose from a fantastic collection of hoya lens at Tradechina.com. hoya lens suppliers and wholesalers will reap great benefits from the site's incredible collection. Buy now, and don't hesitate to take advantage of these unmissable deals.