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Purchase nylon sprocket from the best sellers and manufacturers at Tradechina.com. Here, you'll assuredly get an unforgettable shopping experience. These nylon sprocket have teeth or cogs and are coupled with a chain or a track. They are primarily used to transmit power or rotational energy in chain-driven systems or move materials from one point to the other as in conveyor belts.

nylon sprocket come in a variety of types depending on several factors. Based on hub style, they are categorized into type-A, type-B, type-C and type-D. Depending on the wheel type and intended use, they are classified into multiple variations. The double pitch type has half the number of teeth as standard ones and is used with small chains. For higher torque and power, multiple strand type is used while the quick disconnect type is used in machines with high clamp loading and working loads. For easy installation, the steel split type is better as it is split through its entire radius. The taper lock provides a true clamp on the shaft as it's split through the flange and taper. In machines where a common shaft powers more than one item, a double single type is used. The idler type is ideal against an uneven load distribution and chain whipping. Lastly, the double plus type is quiet and durable. They're used in conveyor systems where the product moves at a speed twice the powering drive system.

They have widespread applications and find use in several industries. Their most common form can be found in bicycles where two nylon sprocket work together to push the bicycle forward. They're used in motorcycles, cars and every kind of machinery where a chain system is used and slippage is not allowed.

Choose from a wide range of nylon sprocket options as per your requirements and get on-time shipments and secure payment modes. They are helpful in a range of machinery and for their optimum operation, you must purchase only premium quality products. Whatever requirement you may have, you can find it on Tradechina.com.