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Pig Feet (Trotters)Pig Feet (Trotters)
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>=1 metric ton
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About products and suppliers
Various types of pig trotters are available for a wide range of food production services. Suppliers at Tradechina.com offer raw, uncut parts as well as already prepared products. These pig trotters are intended for use when supplying a restaurant or butcher shop. They can be used in various dishes to serve to customers. These pig trotters can also be further processed into other types of food ingredients and food products.

Most pig trotters comes frozen to keep it fresh and ready to use. Other varieties are dried or cured to eliminate the need for later thawing. Many types of pig trotters are vacuum-packed to keep them from spoiling during shipment. Some suppliers offer varieties that have been pre-ground for your convenience. Several others offer pig trotters such as feet or tails that can be ground or processed as needed.

Various suppliers of pig trotters offer pricing by the ton or metric ton. Some offer sets or cartons of an already specified weight. Search Tradechina.com for pig trotters that are low in sugar and highly nutritious. Many suppliers have options for small samples to be shipped. This allows you to test the pig trotters to see if they will meet your needs before placing a full order.

Shop at Tradechina.com for the pig trotters that works best for your culinary production. Whether you need a whole piece or a product made from it, there are many options to choose from. Keep your business supplied for increased productivity.