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quince syrup

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canned pawpawcanned pawpaw
USD $ 10.02 - 0
>=1000 Carton(s)
Meorient Import & Export Co.LTD
3000g canned peaches halves in syrup3000g canned peaches halves in syrup
USD $ 4.50 - 0
>=500 Carton(s)
Meo Auto Parts Co.LTD
About products and suppliers
quince syrup from Tradechina.com are a great way to enjoy a sweet treat. The choice of fruit flavors is like walking through an orchard with fruit trees everywhere. There are varieties of quince syrup to satisfy everyone. Whether it’s a small order or a large one, the tasty selection is very well priced.

quince syrup are a remarkably versatile food source. The vendors at Tradechina.com have many choices that are shelf-stable from 18 to 30 months. This can give the purchasers peace of mind, knowing that the fruit will still be just as delicious as the day it was packed. Selections include seasonal and seasonless berries, citrus, and more. Enjoy fresh-tasting peaches, mandarin oranges, lychee fruit and melons. Enjoy these delicacies on their own or use them as a topping for dessert. They're packed whole, in pieces, crushed, sliced and cubed.

Some vendors even offer customization for large orders of quince syrup. For example, pineapple can come in rings, chunks and tidbits. Buyers can also order in different sized cartons. These options are ideal for finding the fruit based on the buyer’s need. Customization is perfect for those who are in the retail or wholesale market. That way, the label and package branding is already in place. Fortunately, no matter the size of the order, all the fruit is of the highest quality.

Not everyone has the same taste in food. However, everyone will love the tasty value of quince syrup from Tradechina.com. With so many flavors to choose from, everyone can find something to enjoy. More importantly, the affordable pricing will really sweeten the deal.