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Safety glasses from Tradechina.com give workers the equipment they need to stay safe on the job. Made of durable plastic and other materials, they are designed for a comfortable fit that stays securely in place. Eye protection glasses cover not only the front of the eyes but also the periphery to block objects approaching from the side. Safety eyewear is recommended for a variety of tasks and is required in some work environments.

Clear safety glasses provide an unobstructed view to give employees a clear line of sight when working with equipment and materials. Some types of safety goggles and glasses require precision testing with additional equipment to ensure a proper fit that meets requirements. Anti-fog safety glasses prevent condensation from forming that can obscure the view. Others feature scratch-resistant coating for added durability.

Different types of safety glasses are needed for different environments. Standard glasses and goggles are recommended in manufacturing environments where there may be sparks, sawdust or metal shavings in the air. These are also useful for doing yard work and protecting against flying pieces of grass, dirt or wood. Laser safety glasses filter out light from parts of the visible spectrum that can overwhelm the human eye, making laser equipment safer to work with.

Safety glasses are also needed in the hospital, laboratory or clinical environments to protect against fluid and chemical exposure. Some outdoor safety eyewear is tinted for sun protection and is extra durable to shield against wind. Tradechina.com has the equipment needed to keep employees and individual customers safe.