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shackle 5 ton

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5 ton shackle5 ton shackle
USD $ 1.00 - 1.00
>=100 Piece
Meo Textile Clothing Co.LTD
Bow Steel Shackle  3/4 tonBow Steel Shackle 3/4 ton
USD $ 0.10 - 10.00
>=1000 Piece
Meo Textile Clothing Co.LTD
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In a wide variety of heavy lifting, securing and rigging work, the shackle 5 ton provides an easy but efficient solution and is most frequently used in combination with other lifting equipment and accessories such as cloth or wire rope get them at Tradechina.com. The shackle 5 ton are reliable with protected and strong points of connection between the edges.

The stainless steel bow-shaped shackle 5 ton are locked with a bolt across the opening. They are the primary connectors, as they allow easy attachment or disconnection of various rigging subsets. The shackles are tough, robust and crafted with a highly polished finish to a high-quality standard. Find them on Tradechina.com.

The O loop in the body allows more space and makes it easier to apply loads at various angles and the shackle 5 ton pin can be removed entirely from the body. The shackle 5 ton are perfect for maritime use but suitable for many industries, including building and construction. The socket head flushes pin's construction avoids anchor line snagging and provides a safer fixing of the shackle and prevents tampering.

Because the shackle 5 ton are too frequently misused, it is extremely important to ensure that you obey certain safety checks and maintenance rules. They are vital for intensive lifting and rigging applications to ensure more consistent performance standards over time. They come with a wise, shake-resistant captive fixed pin. To allow fixings into the shackle mouth, the pin can be completely opened but can not be removed from the body entirely. This stops the pin from being misplaced.