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Steel Stock Spur GearSteel Stock Spur Gear
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Take a look at the wonderful stock gear selection featuring both standard and custom-made ones tailored to the customers' needs. Tradechina.com features various types of stock gear including bevel gear, miter gear, spur gear, worm gear, and screw gear. They are versatile to be used in various applications such as in-car steering systems, in locomotives and trains, in stairlifts to facilitate upward movement, and in actuators.

Tradechina.com has a great collection of stock gear made of hardened steel to provide long service. They come in different sizes of gears to meet a variety of requirements. Use the attractive price offers to pick up some of these for use by vehicles or boats. Some are made of plastic and are injection-molded for strength, precision, durability, and versatile finishing. There is a wide variety of these in different sizes with different color choices.

Increase precision in the automation process in the factory with these machining stock gear. They will help in speed reduction and opening and closing mechanisms for efficient factory processes. Find a unique collection of gears used together with pulleys for speed reduction, suitable for material handling machines, food processing machines, construction machines, and agricultural machinery.

Enjoy an extensive collection of unrivaled stock gear deals on Tradechina.com. These gears are available for multiple applications at home and in the factory, such as washing machines, clocks, watering pumps and coffee machines, automatic cutting machines, printing machines, and car manufacturing machines.