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Metal tipping machineMetal tipping machine
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Find the right tipping machine while shopping on Tradechina.com. This equipment is designed to create specialty fabrics and materials such as laces or ropes. Shop for tipping machine manufacturers that offer equipment for small businesses or large-scale factory demands. 

The equipment sold on Tradechina.com is made from durable materials such as stainless steel. Most are designed to operate automatically for easy use. The rope tipping machine has manual controls and a display screen to adjust functions or features as needed. Many are designed as free-standing tables. Alternate versions of the tipping machine can produce different quantities. Find some that can create 60 pieces per minute and others that produce 4,000 to 6,000 pieces within the hour. The internal motor can operate with up to 380V of power. 

A metal tipping machine can be customized by its controls and uses. Create various lengths of materials from ranges of 30 to 150cm. The shoe lace tipping machine can braid or make straight-laced cords. It is compatible for use with various types of yarn. The equipment also features cutting dye types in various sizes. To match with existing machinery, the color of the equipment can be selected from options such as silver or blue. 

Find the right tipping machine on Tradechina.com to purchase the appropriate quantity for business or retail purposes.  Tipping machine manufacturers create products such as shoelaces or ropes. The braided cords can be used in many different products such as gift bag handles. The equipment is built for durability and is compatible with many styles of yarn for versatile uses.