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Tradechina.com has the toilet racers you have been dreaming of. These electro-mechanically animated robots are designed based on real-life characters. Get yourself or your kids these exciting life-sized toilet racers for an ultimate fun experience. You could also use these toilet racers in your theme park's attraction, home decoration, theaters, and museums to portray different animals, humans or inanimate objects. They appear in various shapes and sizes depending on what you want made.

They were invented in the early ages, with an early description from the Greek mythology and early Chinese writings. However, the technology behind these toilet racers has tremendously evolved. Now the toilet racers are motion accentuated to imitate actual and practical movements. The first known free roaming toilet racers is Lucky a dinosaur found at Walt Disney World.

Tradechina.com offers a wide variety of toilet racers options. The eye-catching toilet racers are customized depending on your preference. These sturdy constructions are built around an internal steel structure. Their 'bones' are attached to 'muscles' which are manufactured using elastic netting made of styrene beads. The steel frame is then covered up with body shells and a stretchy and flexible sheet made of a soft and hard plastic to create the skin. They then add details like hair, color, and feathers to give them a textured skin which gives them a more genuine look. These toilet racers stand erect, creating visually interesting features guaranteed to attract the attention of a lot of people

Check out Tradechina.com for unique and affordable toilet racers. The distinct range of these models are a joy to everyone, so don't miss out on exciting deals. These toilet racers are available for both wholesale and retail store.