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Winter coats are a must for travel and any outdoor excursion on cold days and nights. There are numerous styles to choose from and to fit all tastes and styles. Winter wear can be fashionable as well as practical, and many designs feature vibrant colors and patterns. Retailers and individuals can find what they need to fill up winter wardrobes from the vast selection on Tradechina.com.

Women's winter coats come in long lengths that go down to the legs and shorter distances that reach the midriff. Faux fur provides a luxuriant and elegant appearance as well as a layer of snug warmth. There are also puffer jackets and coats filled with soft down. A short or a long winter coat layers well over a sweater for additional protection against the cold. Other styles to choose from include V-neck and formal coats for wearing to the office and special occasions. Winter coats with hoods cover the head and keep off snow, rain and wind.

Choose from numerous sizes to fit individual needs. There are regular and plus size winter coats to offer a comfortable, flattering fit to all wearers.  Dress kids for school and playing outside on cold days in children's coat sizes. Tradechina.com also provides wholesale buyers and retailers the option to create tailored coats and jackets with branded logos and custom patterns.

Winter coats keep wearers prepared to walk out into chilly, windy weather and let them look good while doing it. There are coats for any cold climate, rated for mildly chilly days or subzero temperatures. Choose the newest designs or vintage looks from the selection on Tradechina.com.