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macadamia nuts
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macadamia nuts

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yunnan huqi food co.,ltd
yunnan huqi food co.,ltd
China - Dali
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we can supply raw material and bakery with milk flavor.

Yunnan Huqi Food Co., Ltd., founded in 2019, is an enterprise mainly engaged in processing and selling agricultural and sideline products, mainly engaged in high-quality preserved fruit, walnut fruit, walnut kernel, pumpkin kernel and other products. At the same time, the company also vigorously develops the import and export business of high-quality agricultural products. Under the guidance of quality-oriented and continuous improvement of agricultural products, the company has carried out a set of national standard training for employees, and led the industry's standards. In order to fully launch the leading products, strictly control the source of products, constantly instill the environmental protection concept of high quality, health and safety, improve the planting management of the source and the on-site management of the processing link, and truly manage the quality source. In the sales sector, in order to better serve high standards and customer requirements, win-win cooperation and common cause, Dali ruicai Food Co., Ltd. has created an excellent sales team. At present, its customers include national large chain stores, high-end stores, famous bakeries, fruit chains and leisure food chains. Yunnan Huqi Food Co., Ltd. has deeply explored the source, optimized the processing, research and development of agricultural and sideline products such as walnuts and nuts, and achieved the best in Yunnan's special agricultural products with the refined management, full-automatic high-end equipment, IS9001 management system, organic product system, walnut geographical indication verification, as well as the cultivation of technical personnel. Our company has registered foreign operators and started to carry out import and export business. The main import and export products are walnuts, pumpkin seeds and nuts. The main import and export countries and regions are Turkey, Chile, Taiwan, etc. With the adjustment of the company's development strategy and the reserve of production technology, this year's foreign trade import and export volume will have a big breakthrough. In 2021, Yunnan Huqi Food Co., Ltd. focused on product research and development, took the lead in introducing fully automatic walnut shelling equipment and nut fumigation equipment and technology, laid a solid foundation for the standardized and large-scale production development and foreign trade of the enterprise, and established long-term strategic partnership with many well-known domestic production enterprises with good reputation. 2、 Corporate culture - customer first, integrity first, forge ahead. 3、 Enterprise vision: to form a first-class team and become a national brand of high-quality agriculture. 4、 Enterprise mission quality first 5、 Enterprise values: Be kind to others, quality first, conscience agriculture. 6、 Enterprise spirit -- conscience, heart and carefulness 7、 Business philosophy - good character, good products. Integrity win-win, pragmatic innovation, focus on excellence. 8、 Enterprise development planning 1. Taking high-quality agriculture as the core value of the enterprise, leading the new agriculture, new technology, healthy and assured products, orderly development has become the goal of the enterprise. 2. Establish a number of origin processing plants, with the fastest speed, the most professional technology to ensure the quality of products. 3. The company will take the quality as the best, do a good job in baking industry. 4. Pay attention to the training and recruitment of talents, including factory production, technical personnel, operation and management personnel, organize the same period of learning product quality.

macadamia nuts from China supplier

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1000 Metric Ton(s) Per Year
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15 Day
shenzhen port
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inner:vacuum outer:carton net weight:5kg;10kg
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