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Product Specifications :

  • 【Brand Name】Baohua
  • 【Model Number】ZnCO3
FOB Reference Price
US $ 1.00 ~ $ 2000.00 | >=1 Ton
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Product description

Product Description

 Basic zinc carbonate(Transparent Zinc Oxide Powder), is a kind of inorganic carbonate, mainly as a raw materials of ceramic and lithopone manufacturing. It’s specially used in transparent rubber products because of its refractive index similar to rubber. Bellow are the advantages in application in rubber:

 1. It is able to increase the thermal conductivity glue, improve the thermal conductivity and the curing rate, especially suitable for hot air vulcanization process.

 2. It can improve the stability of the shape of semi-finished products in the curing process, which is suitable for non-model products (such as the based products which is the use of continuous vulcanization technology).


1.It’s specially used in transparent rubber products and foaming agent EVA because of its refractive index similar to rubber.

2. Special basic zinc carbonate can be used as a skin protective agent in medical applications.

3.In the industry, it’s used as light astringent and latex products, also is compound of calamine lotion. It can be used as main raw material of rayon production, desulfurizing agent in chemical fertilizer industry and catalyst production. 

4.In the oil drilling, basic zinc carbonate reacts with H2S to form ZnS which is stable and insoluble, and that the mud slurry performance is not affected after adding basic zinc carbonate into the mud. So it can eliminate the pollution and corrosion of H2S effectively, also can be used as corrosion inhibitor and sulfur removal agent to process H2S in oil and gas wells.

5.Zinc carbonate can also be widely applied to rubber soles,rubber-plastic product accessories,pipe fittings,rubber plates,motorbike tires,belts,rubber band,ZPT,desulfurizer agent,zinc stearate,etc.

Advantage products

Supply ability

8000.0 Ton per year

Packaging and shipping

Lead time : 15 Day
Port : Chinese main port
Packaging details: 25kg per bag,woven bag with PE liner or paper bag(can follow customer requirements),16 mt in a 20 FCL(without pallet),14 mt in a 20 FCL(with pallet).

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