Composite waterproof coating

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Product description

The waterproof cushion is composed of asphalt, synthetic fiber, non-woven fabric and high-density polyethylene, which can provide secondary waterproof for buildings and prevent the leakage of rain and snow. Waterproof bedding has high strength, low weight and long service life, but the price is only half of ordinary coil.
Product features:
1. Leakproof and tear proof: under the premise of roof nailing, it can pass the wind speed test of 110 miles per hour and water spray test of 4 hours
2. High strength: CD>300, MD>400
3. Anti-skid: the texture of the cushion can provide anti-skid effect during installation
4. Long endurance against ultraviolet: it can be exposed to the roofing for up to 90 days
5. Light weight: 500g per square meter, easy to carry and install

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